Why a Human being needs Solitude

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"Why a Human being needs Solitude"
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It leaves us contemplating where we have come from, what we have achieved and where we need to go, without solitude we would surely be lost and overwhelmed by the furious pace of our societies and life's styles, we see how easy we become victims of our responsibilities, our challenges and routines.

Work drains us, home life tests our patients, friends and family challenges our relationship vows, but what keeps us in check who will take the pressures off our shoulders, we are left as sole proprietors of self preservation controlling our sanity's and peace of mind. in the constant rotation of recharging our batteries, giving us reflection and new direction, restoring energy and allowing us to yet again continue where we left off.

Why do we need solitude? for the simple reason of growth and balance...

I walk through the gardens filled with lilies, and roses, trees sway in the gentle breeze and I close my eyes in acceptance, this feels like no other, this I find is the most rewarding, I drive without destination, alone; listening to favorite tunes, lost in a moment that allows me to ponder, and reflect over my day, week, month even past years; this again provides peace, I return home fresh and ready again to face tomorrow.

Solitude comes in many forms which caters all in different ways, and manners, we all gravitate to our solitude like the birds migration to sun filled destinations when winter falls.
it is ours to reap, through all what time, nature and society has to offer, as something we all need at any one moment of self preservation...

Solitude is a part of us never to give up, enjoy it and bask in its glory filled magic..!

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