Why a Human being needs Solitude

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"Why a Human being needs Solitude"
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As a person, I value my solitude or "me time." With all of the things I have seen, experience, and hope to accomplish, I value my solitude at the top of the list. I would not trade my solitude for money, gold, jewelry, a big house, and/or a nice big boat. This is how much I value my solitude. With just about everything that has happened in my life the last few years, solitude is the one thing I truly cherish and value.

For my last few birthdays, I received solitude. It was the best birthday I could ever receive.

This was also like this with the last few Christmases. To me, the gift of solitude was the best gift that I had ever received.

Frankly, I do not like spending my time with people that I do not really care much for. At the same time, I do not like spending my time with people that I am not particularly close to. I am extremely distant from my own family. I am extremely distant from my own mother. Most of the time, we barely talk to each other. However, I do enjoy the distance between me and my mother.

I really do not think I would be comfortable trying to reconnect with my mother or anybody else.
My mother feels the same way. We are both natural loners. We are both extremely comfortable with being loners.
Also, I am extremely choosy on who and what people I spend time with. I am not the type of person that likes to spend time and keep communication with other people on a daily basis.

But there are many reasons that a person would need solitude for.

There could be a situation of immense anger and frustration in which one would need solitude to wind down and cool off. Most people have been in such situations. I myself have been in such situations in which I just wanted to be by myself and have a few drinks to relax and get my thoughts in order.

This is something that is perfectly understandable. Most of us will be in such situations in which most of us need alone time to relax.

Me on the other hand, I am always thinking about one thing after another thing. My thoughts can get extremely scattered. When my thoughts get scattered, I need to get them all in order.
If I do not do that, I would end up going crazy. It would make it hard for me to think, eat, or sleep.

For me, this is why I need my solitude. Solitude is extremely important to me. When I am by myself, I can get my thoughts together. Sometimes, it could take between two or three hours for me to get everything together.

This is why I get irritated when people walk in on me or call me. I am not angry at all. I am just the type of person that values his privacy and solitude.

Whenever I visit Maryland, I always spend most of my time in Washington
DC. Because I can do whatever I want and at the same time have my solitude. One of my favorite places to visit would be the National Mall which is an open area park. I can sit on a bench and collect my thoughts for a good hour or two.

Afterwards, I feel more serene and at peace with myself.

Then there are people that need solitude to reflect on a whole number of things. I am no exception to solitude for reflection.
When I need to reflect on things, I tend to keep to myself for the most part. I don't come into communication with people unless I have to. To me, solitude is of the utmost necessity.

Regardless of the reasons, we as human beings do need solitude. So far, it has kept me grounded and balanced.

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