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Who Owns the North and South Poles

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"Who Owns the North and South Poles"
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The North and South poles are places that if we don't change our global warming path will become one of the only places that are still habitable to live in. This brings up the question, who owns the north and south poles? Now we have the Canadians, home of the Inuit and is very close to the Arctic. The other country trying to get at the Arctic is the Russians, another Nordic country. Or does nobody deserve to live in the Arctic after what we as humans have done to the rest of the planet? So who has a better claim at the prize of the Arctic? Well lets break it down.

The Canadians are home to the Inuit who live very close to the Arctic. These are people who have been living here for millions of years,surviving in the harsh cold. They could go live in some of the deepest parts of the the Arctic and survive without damaging the ecosystem unlike the Russians, who would have to use infrastructure and power to survive. Of course, if the Canadians and the Inuit got the land in the Arctic, the Canadian government wouldn't let the Inuits live their traditional lifestyle there, they would get oil rigs and big cargo ships which would demolish the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic for profit and trade.

The Russians are a Nordic country and the largest country in the world. They are the people from where the Inuits came from (the crossing of the ice bridge), and the country has allot of oil. The Arctic has lots of oil. Russia's claim at the Arctic is mainly due to the fact that the Arctic has oil, and the northwest passage, which would make trading much more efficent, if it wasn't for those the Russian's would have left it to the Canadians.

Now should the Arctic be owned? If either country gets a hold on the Arctic it will be to manipulate the ecosystem to provide profits for its country. This will probably cause the already endangered polar bear and other cold-blooded animals to go extinct. This is the main reason why I feel that the Arctic should not belong to anyone, and be untouched by the ever curious hands of humans who want to exploit the great north and south pole's beauty.

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