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Who Owns the North and South Poles

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"Who Owns the North and South Poles"
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Ask any ten year old or any small child regardless of age as long as they can understand a serious question and they will give a serious answer. Ask them who owns the North Pole and they will, without any shadow of a doubt say Santa Claus. Doesn't everybody know that Santa lives at the North Pole? If that's where he lives then he must own it as well.

Now when you ask a ten year old child or any small child regardless of age as long as they can understand a serious question who owns the South Pole you are likely to get a whole range of serious replies. Some enterprising child prodigy may suggest that Mrs Claus owns it and goes there to get away from Santa after they have had a fight. Now that makes sense to me . Whenever I disagree with my wife we want to be poles apart as well.

Children in the main don't care who actually owns lands .They are more concerned with who actually lives there. The question of who actually owns lands is reserved for adults. To any adults the ownership of just some little fly speck of an atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can be the subject of arguments. As usual anything an adult can't obtain by argument is blown to pieces so that no one can have it or a least live there until the radio activity settles down.

I myself am not really all that interested in who owns what in places so cold that you have to wear winter clothing all year round and your house is made of ice. Leave that to the Eskimos. As far as I know the Eskimos have never started a World War and have never wanted to detonate a bomb to see how much ice and snow they can pollute. Even living in the modern living conditions of today I doubt if Eskimos care much about who owns the North Pole. There can't be much mineral wealth or I am sure a lot of countries would be making claim to it.

Now the South Pole is a different story. Seven countries lay claim to sections of the South Pole. France ,Chile,Argentina, Australia, New Zealand , United Kingdom and Norway all have a n interest in the South Pole or to be more correct the continent of Antarctica . The continent was largely explored by people of those countries who were mainly concerned about the scientific value of the continent. I do believe there are vast mineral reserves in the Antarctica which may well lead eventually to the question of who owns the south pole being fought militarily .

It is sad but true. Ultimately greed decides ownership of anything. If ever the North Pole and the South Pole provide untold riches apart from just the current peaceful scientific exploitation then ownership will be determined by the most powerful and greediest nation on earth. I wonder which nation qualify for that title.

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