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Life is a very good thing. Death is a bad thing. Why aren’t good health and life valued and strived for anymore? 

The smokers and obese people already have many strikes against them. Denying these, people coronary artery bypass surgery would add to their dilemma. Our present day medical system denies surgery to very few people.

The states and federal government end up paying for much of the medical costs today through welfare, Medicaid and Medicare payments. Insurance companies have to pick up the rest of the rising health care costs through higher insurance premiums. Those with private insurance and Medicare recipients pay more out of pocket expense each year. Fewer people each year end up with the burden of keeping the whole health care system working.

Those who willfully harm their own bodies by being obese or from smoking should not be denied coronary bypass surgery, if have the means to pay for their own surgery. For those who can’t pay, the right to have that surgery should come into question. The ever increasing Medicaid costs are bankrupting the system. If people want free surgery, they should first convince the doctor that they are willing to change their lifestyles to protect their future health.

Every part of the medical system in the United States has been stretched to the point of breaking. It will bring down the rest of the economy in time. If major decisions on how the medical system operates are not made soon, it will cease to operate with any semblance of what the people have become accustomed to. One sad aspect of future medical care will possibly involve decisions on who gets what care and when they will get it.

The government can’t pass laws to force people to take care of their bodies. All of the citizens in this country should start making their first critical medical decision on their own. They have the power to control much of their future health care needs and costs. Their most important decision should be changing personal life styles.

Coronary artery bypass surgery and stomach bypass surgery can both create many more years of quality life for most people. Many surgeries are done in vain though because many people show little concern for making the needed lifestyle change after their surgery

There should not be such a huge demand for coronary artery bypass surgery. We have become an overweight, sedentary society who demands a magical medical system that instantly cures all of our ills. We take medications that allow us to continue our bad eating habits. We ask doctors to prescribe pills to lower our cholesterol, blood sugar etc., instead of changing eating habits.

Life was considered to be a precious gift at one time in our history. We have evolved to a point where the me lifestyle has changed that too. People who had been born and blessed with good health have become overweight junk food eaters. Millions of people are dying far too young. We are a nation in serious trouble today.

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