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Which came first Language or Culture – Language

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What is a language?

A language is the ability to use sign or speech as a medium of communication between two or more creations of GOD. I say creations because we have seen even the animals communicating with each other. Language is not dependent on our ability to speak.
What is culture?

Culture on the other hand can not easily be defined, nor is there a consensus among scholars, philosophers and politicians as to what exactly the concept should include. However, culture can be explained or understood as a style of living based on knowledge, beliefs, behavior, and adaptation.

Our Knowledge comes from our own experience or experiences of our fore fathers. Some of our Beliefs come from our religious values and some from our knowledge and experience which dictates our behavior thus fashion our brain for social or environmental adaptations.

Let's go back to the creation of man. GOD created Adam and Eve, the first man and woman (According to our holy scriptures). Was there any culture at that time? How did Adam communicate the first emotion he felt for Eve? Do you think he communicated that he wanted to touch her through the use of language (whatever language it may be) or did he use culture?

When a baby is born, do they know the culture? I don't think so, but they still communicate through crying to let the parents know that they are hungry, they need to be changed etc. One can argue that babies are listening and understanding everything even before they are born, then my question would be how come they don't speak the language? How come they don't know the culture and have to be taught everything.

We have more than 200 countries on the planet earth then how come different countries using the same language have different culture? For example, America and Europe use English as our first language but why is there such a big difference in cultures?

Do we have any proof that animals have culture? If not, then Language has to be the one that came into existence before culture.

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