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Which came first Language or Culture – Culture

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"Which came first Language or Culture - Culture"
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This question sounds rather weird, in order to answer this question properly, we need to define each element quite perfectly. Below you will find a short extract to what culture and language are and an explanation on how to decide on their development:

Let’s start our discussion with a simpler question, ‘How cultures are developed?’ To answer this question, first we should know the definition of ‘culture’; as it’s put for laypeople; it refers to activities in the realm of art and literature. But professionally talking, culture encompasses a broad range of behavioral activities as ideas creating new things and making up a new way of doing certain tasks by a group of people. Now back to the first question ‘how cultures are developed?’ People’s communication and interaction with each other, their way of thinking and life style is the definite answer. Speaking of communication, the answer to the whole topic is given as communication and interaction are nothing but the language itself.

To shed more light on the present issue, let’s pose another question, this time about the language. What is language? Language is a means of communication in the first place, it could be a behavior or an action. Either the language itself or its ways of communicating each are seen in different forms. For example in case of language, it’s more commonly thought and believed that language has only two forms of spoken and written which is wrong. With a bit of more consideration, it gets more expanded dimensions. Just think of the moment you nod your head as way of approval not having said or written anything, it’s still language because you have communicated well enough for the other party to understand you. So, you see there are other forms of language which are used each and everyday by every one of us in different social contexts and settings; this kind of language is called ‘body language’. There’s still another form of language used in deaf communities called ‘sign language’.

Now a more curious case of language forms could lie in the thoughts expression and emotional communication or more technically called ‘telepathy’, I would rather call this form of language ‘mental language’. There is a lot to discuss on this form of language which is not the concern of our topic here.
Which came first: language or culture? Regarding what was said so far, there remains no doubt that language and culture bring up the same concept. If there are some who believe that language was first developed, they should therefore call the primitives (lacking a spoken or written form of language) cultureless people as well.
This is against what is known as culture and language as they are both necessary means for one another’s state of being. Language is a tool for communication which is itself considered as cultural means; on the other hand, culture is shaped through language means. It seems the two concepts are rather in very much integrated relationship with each other. Language and culture have co-developed and co-existed through time and there is not really a sharp point to separate them. It is important to note that cultures development is impossible without communication and the communications are formed within a framework of a group of people forming both the interactions among them and the cultures to live by. These are like the two poles of a continuum. People’s need for the formation of the communication is a form of culture, so it must not be misunderstood that one is more primitive that the other.

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