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"Which came first Language or Culture - Culture"
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The reason I come down on the side of Culture is based on what I think is good common sense. Lets go back to Neanderthal Man. This was a brutal Society, where only the strongest survived. Some will say at some point Cromagne society met with their cousins, but the time and reaction is very subjective.

The basis of these burgeoning society was simple. Eat, sleep, pro-create, and try to stay alive long enough to do at least two of the three. While this sounds flippant,
and to a certain degree is, the fact is day to day survival was tenuous at best.
Again this is supposition, but looking at the environment, method of getting food, and the odd excursion into another tribes area, I suspect the average life span was mid-twenties, a little longer for women (yes, even then), but not a lot of time to sit and muse about the pro's and con's of language.

I am sure that there were more reprimands by slap than a tongue lashing, for taking too much meat! I would agree that gestures were used, along with grunts,and after some time perhaps syntax could be learned, but not to the extent of sharing opinions or debating.Perhaps crying, laughing would be the first two emotions relayed by timbre of sound and perhaps pain was a close third. But I believe it took a lot longer to get most ideas, thoughts across without a lot of signs.

My last determining factor is we still learn from culture, i.e. we see things done an acceptable way, before we speak, yet we can make our needs for food, shelter comfort,or most other needs long before we are able to verbalize them.
Just watch an child from newborn to 3 or 4 years old. They often have words gor things that we understand only because they make that specific sound (can"t really
say words ergo- baby-talk)

An interesting experiment is to try convey feelings without words, to your spouse
or child and while very funny, can give us a glimpse of how it was for our ancestors. I must say, I personally could have done without a lot of the swear words
but that is the fault of later generations.

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