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Where’s the Rest to Drink

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Think of those whose lips are parched just for the feel of one drop of water?

Then imagine if we were willing enough to sacrifice the luxuries of overflowing shelves of choice in pop-drinks and alcohol. This would be a start to help with more safe, fresh, clean drinking water world wide. But when, will depend on the more affluent nations of the earth being ready with support.

Monetary contributions help in many schemes of aiding the problem, and when donations are returned as tax compensations, repeated endeavors add up. Yet, through forfeiting excessive use of our own water, we could help. Even the child's or the widow's cents are a real sacrifice from the heart.

Loaded wealthy commercial counties could agree to forgo many more beverages. When that good clean drinking water is turned into beer or wine alone they average 5 parts water to one part beer,/wine once in the barrel or the glass anyway.

A basic glass of 250 ml. [just over 8.45 US liquid oz.] required in the manufacturing = x 5. If drinking and driving calls for 'over the limit and fined for safety reasons' - we could open our eyes to the same warning lights - when it comes to those who are running out of water also... for safety reasons. Maybe the revenue which goes into the coffers when 'penalized' could be donated to more fresh clean water for the world instead.

An average 500 ml. of bottled water is +- a hand held sports size. That's 2 x glasses. To drink the equivalent x 5 used - as in creating our beer and wine - converting it to the sports size bottle of water, our stomachs would not need another drop if we could even swallow down 5 bottles in one gulp!

To share all the water used in commercialized drinks alone, envisage also every other beverage. We have soft drinks, cordials, spirits, candy drinks, and a year of writing down every individual brand name from A-Z, including all our varieties of milk. Do we really need an overflow of choice against those less fortunate to have clean, fresh water to drink ?

Imagine per capita just between three nations; USA, Australia, United Kingdom with beer consumption alone, we would have a measurement...

USA = 81.6 liters - 308 million population.

AUS = 108.3 liters - 21.5 million population.

UK = 99.0 " liters - 51.5 million population.

Take it to the roundest figure from 289.9 liters x 381.0 - to 290 x 381 - total million population.

One Olympic size swimming pool +- 2.5 million liters of water [160,000 gallons.] So divide this up leaving off the 0.5 to make the sums easier [290 x 381 per million]  = 110,490,000,000 liters. just with these 3 lands. Yet we must add 5 x when we account for the water in manufacturing.

You be the judge, and the mathematician, when it comes to how many Olympic pools worth of water we could share. And sports bottles of good fresh drink of water for that many people who have none. So what about the other affluent lands added in?

It's just an example of excessive water usage, without even drinking water alone. The normal shower, bath, kitchen sink, garden, nor spars and pools has been mentioned. Let alone all industrial usage.

We who have it easier, have a tap to turn on the water for any reason we choose. Even our children can choose from the shelves. Yet, who is ready for such a small sacrifice to remember those poor parched lips?

If we haven't touched on the saturated sports fields which must be kept green, then we haven't really begun to share. There's an immeasurable difference between choice and taste when it comes to good safe clean water to drink. Until we have tasted it, we won't know.

The hardest to swallow is when the difference is between life and death. Surely we don't have to count those who never reached the water in time also? Our tears alone would have kept them alive!

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