Where Ufos come from the Sky

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"Where Ufos come from the Sky"
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Any who have been standing outside, anywhere on earth, who have reputedly reported seeing UFOs would have no choice but to say they came from the sky.

These objects, and lights, have just appeared as if slipping into earth's zone we call our sky, without any sound nor warning. Beyond that, airline pilots have declared seeing the same when up in the atmosphere. Even further afield, the odd astronaut has reported seeing them while in our outer space.

The frequency of Unidentified Flying Objects has been a controversy for years, considering so many intelligent folk on earth persist in having seen them. For any who have lived through having experienced an encounter of a closer kind, many have been interrogated. Added to this are the sightings - which can be so wrongly pronounced - to be illusions of the mind.

Unfortunately, there are, and continue to be many hoaxers who have gone out of their way to fool anyone who falls for their stories, including images. Yet even a fraud must have a copy of something which once depicted a true representation. There can be no duplicate without a thing being real.

From the beginning, history within texts which became sacred, plus Indigenous folk who still speak through their rock art or by word of mouth, all say beings and craft came down from the sky. All this could only be applicable to superior beings, to have been venerated for their super natural abilities which we don't find in our earthly, everyday, humans of today.

Having reached our space age, our minds could be more open to possibilities. We have sent into this outer space - with hope and a degree of belief in these researches - that we might even discover planets which are inhabitable. These decisions did not arrive out of nowhere, to go this far.

If we can sail our ships of discovery into that infinite unknown, why can't there be just a few from out there, investigating us here on earth, in their craft?

The only problem is, the real craft maneuver in ways yet to be developed on earth, and still very much desired. In truth, a fact still yet to be. This leaves the door open that the so called UFOs which are genuine, have to have come form further fields, and more sophisticated realms of life out there in the Cosmos.

A percentage seen from earth have been real UFOs, and with an unidentifiable term yet to be acceptable of their name, it is understandable these are left wanting. Many disclaim these as weather balloons, or the glint of the sun on a plane, etc. within our space of sky also.

It is also possible that there are technologists here, trying to assemble a UFO. A surprised viewer of an experimental flight could not be blamed for believing something of unknown value if it looked like one.

The engineers must believe enough though, that even one is for real, and could have only come from out there in an arena which  cosmology and science still search in. Otherwise they would not need to try to create one!

Whether we believe or not, no land would try and covey some acknowledgment of their existence by combined investigation into their deep space searching, if the seed had not first been sown by 'something believable'.

In the same way that our unmanned ships sail in just a minute fraction of that universal space, there is nothing to deny that some UFOs come from the wider yet unknown realms.

Despite all records, who really can change what any have honestly seen, or where they have come from?



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