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UFOs are of an invisible world. In an invisible world, UFOs come out of the blue or black sky and disappear the same way, into a void.

Here follows a clear cut story about two UFOs seen during the day. The UFOs I saw that day were not at all of what was strange that day.

The year was 2000, it was the first Saturday after labor day. It was long Island Carnival and I was laying on my back after jumping' in the carnival. I was laying on my back behind the bandstand of the Nassau Community College parking lot. It is true that I had consumed a combination of small bottle of Hennessy and an energy drink which tasted similar to a cream liquor. I began to doze off and then I started getting these flashes in my eyes. The flashes were like little bands of electricity or lightning. I opened my eyes and directly above was this white disc-like object. The disc-like object was similar to the color of planes at times as they do fly overhead during the day. The sky was blue. It was one of those perfect September days. The rain did fall later that day in the night but around the time these objects were in the sky, the weather was perfect and visibility was very good.

I jumped up, like a madman, and I stared. The disc-like object was disappearing, turning to white and to the color of a metal-like object. I told some young ladies who were feet away from me to look, there is a UFO up there. I told them it was probably the ancestors. They dismissed me. I then turned to some young boys behind the WLIB bandstand and told them to look. They reacted like children, they just looked at me. I told them, if you want to see a UFO look now. One looked. I asked do you see it, he said, yes. The other boys wanted to see it and he pointed it out to them but they were nonchalant. I looked to the women and told them to look. The Jamaican girls refused, and they at stared me with beady eyes and frozen fear.

I stared at the object and then a smaller version curved down and past by the side of the big one and disappeared. After hovering for a while, the big one just went to the invisible universe.

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