Where to Find Lunar Eclipse Photos on the Web

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"Where to Find Lunar Eclipse Photos on the Web"
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The lunar eclipse that gave beauty and emotion to the world on December 21st, 2010 has left the world in awe and wondering in regards to the natural phenomenon. Long-time astronomy lovers and casual Internet browsers alike are currently in search for photos of the lunar eclipse as well as previous lunar eclipses that have left the world under a shroud of darkness. There are currently countless lunar eclipse photos on the web and many places to find them.

Official NASA Website

The official website of NASA features in depth information, diagrams, dates and graphs in regards to the lunar eclipse and therefore, anyone interested in researching the lunar eclipse should first take note of how their beauty actually comes to pass. There are none better than NASA for doing so.

National Geographic

National Geographic is probably best known as being a popular world documentary channel. Having entertained and educated people for countless years, National Geographic is one of the best possible online resources to find the latest breaking news on world phenomenon’s in the natural world. The lunar eclipse was no exception. Natural Geographic has a vast range of pictures of the lunar eclipse from several parts of the world.


The BBC is the most popular, prominent and most famous news source in Great Britain. The BBC successfully documented the lunar eclipse on December 21st, 2010 and came complete with a range of photos to boot. Featuring jet black skies, comparison photos through the stages of its development and even comparison photos compared to landmarks, the BBC’s coverage of the lunar eclipse is arguably one of the most professional and high quality on the web.

MSN News

MSN News also successfully covered the lunar eclipse and published a stunning photo of the blood-red moon that coincided with the winter solstice. The article from MSN news not only features a picture of the blood red moon from Dec 21, but it also features a directory of photos from previous lunar eclipses making it a perfect directory for photo seekers.

Mr Eclipse

Mr Eclipse is a website that is dedicated to astronomy photos and it has documented in depth and beautiful photos of past lunar eclipses through the 1990’s and the 2000’s. It also features photos of other related space phenomenon’s such as solar eclipses.

The natural phenomenon that threw the world into a state of awe on December 21st, 2010 is not without its backlash as the world uses the web to search for photos of the lunar eclipse. With such a high demand for quality photos of the event, it is arguably going to be one of the most searched global events of the December month heading into the New Year for those that witnessed it first hand and those that missed it alike. As one of the most beautiful natural events in history, the Internet is an endless library when it comes to the best places to find lunar eclipse photos on the web.

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