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Where have all the Honeybees gone

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"Where have all the Honeybees gone"
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Genetic engineering is the best answer, in my own personal opinion. After about thirty eight or so years of genetic engineering on our food sources, mainly in the way of crops such as corn and soy beans, among others, which effect our food source, what do we expect?

When the FDA says something is safe to eat the world listens, as the USA is one of or the most educated populations in the world, though today that may or may not be true depending on who you talk to, as some in the scientific fields hold no bones about telling the rest of us idiots that all the experimentation and whatever else they do has no ill effects on the population. Most European countries today will not use any genetically engineered food, which is to say the least smart.

Just a little research on google and you will find all kinds of information as to the ill effects of genetic engineering on food, so what seems to be the problem in understanding that when we fool with nature we reap the hazards so to speak, and we are in some ways under the assault of nature in the way in which many people metabolize nutrients, though again no one wants to actually say it is because of genetic engineering, for obvious and very financially hazardous reasons.

Of course this is all just conjecture and speculation on my part, though after so many years of the bees getting at all the crops and pollen that is altered from the genetic engineers, what do we expect, other than what is happening. Scientists tell us the bees are dying from mites and viruses, which may be true, though what if it is from the genetic end? How do we stop it? After all some of the genetic engineering is from using viruses as a tool in the molecular manipulation of the genes, seems like a no brainer, or duh as some would say.

Another forty years or so of no more genetic engineering and hoping we have enough so called undomesticated bees out there to reproduce with others and hopefully regain the health they lost from the altered states. It sounds of course like science fiction, yet there must be something to it. Some say a natural cycle is taking place, as back in 1880 (year may be incorrect) or so the same type of thing happened with the bees, though how do we know some mad scientists back then were trying the same crap they play with today?

From some of the little research I did, when we mess with genes it is not a very reliable form of science as evidently they do not have the technology to absolutely say what is realistically happening or is going to happen, or tell what the side effects will be or are. Like fooling with drugs, yes we know some of the side effects, though what do we know of the bodies natural state, absolutely before hand. We do not know, it is all guess work and not all of it is based on empirical evidence and is not all proven without a doubt.

I suggest all genetic testing and alterations be stopped, totally until we can say definitively what exactly is going on. Actually that most likely is impossible as mother nature is the only one that truly knows, and hopefully she is taking action to correct the idiocy and or arrogance of some of the human race.

This is not to say that all science or those who work all their lives as scientists are nuts, it is just that we can not and must not do things in a way which puts anyone or any life at risk, we live longer today because of the advances in medicine and science, though we must begin to think about some of what we do not know before we go on with some of these experimental studies with genetics, we could be making freaks of nature and not even know it till to late, what happened to some of the ancestors who just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth?

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