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When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink

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"When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink"
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This is a good question and one I feel my heart and soul within the touch of everyone, this is essential for life, clean pure water and to clear the sky of the contaminants that pollute our streams and water sources.
I think there is a solution to this, if we as a world, will unite and think towards the use of what we all know and can contribute to one another and share together,
First there is Reverse Osmosis and UV filtering of water, this I know to the best of my knowledge is a good source of cleaning and purifying the sources of current contamination.
These systems can be made for home to larger industrial size applications and they do seem to work as far as I am aware, I know it is ALWAYS and the Disease control center that promotes the use of this, that in itself is something that should make people stop and wake up at what is going on around them, I know myself i have been caught in life and wanting to just keep up with every one else.

What other alternatives can we come up with for clean water and we need to look at this from a global standpoint not an individual idealism?
There needs to be a distinction to the degree a project can help others and what it can do to help,
Stills this is a idea maybe, we know it is used in the oil industry to siphon off the various types of elements by the process of heating them to there liquid state and or gaseous form and collect them as they have been broken down by chemical analysis of the effect of the science of this, that brings me to another issue the hazardous wastes that these industries produce as it is a well known fact that industy pollutes and this can also allow substances to seeps into the soils and then our water and affects us all as a whole, we do not know enough about the way things are and how fragile an ecosystem is to truly say we do not know what a new building will do when only a environmental assessments is done and not a full Impact statement, I think that would be a good step for providing safer cleaner water for ever one, this is often a lack of understanding I think or at least would hope so, Cars and Carbon emissions we know this leads to acid rain and that again is a source of the contamination of our water on a global scale, I know the World bank has made new initiatives in this and its changing the face of business in this world and everyone should be aware of this and how it will affect us all, The contamination of water leads to so many other problems and issues and is so interconnected it should be a major issue for everyone to think about, what if there was not clean safe water for anyone then where would we be and what would we do?

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