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When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink

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"When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink"
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"When will people worldwide have enough clean, safe water to drink?" We will have it when we as a people commit to cleaning up. And I do mean cleaning up our industrial practices at the corporate and transnational level. When the governments of superpower nations and the CEOs of international businesses start to choose health and longevity over the dollar. When business tycoons and greedy politicians get concerned about preserving a healthy environment we perhaps may see our water ways and our environment clean up.

I can personally remember growing up in Flint, MI hearing concerns being voiced over the levels of chlorine that was being found in the public drinking water. Chlorine has been purportedly used to treat drinking water and make it safer to drink, yet chlorine can likewise pose health risks and has even been said to have been linked to colon cancer. This was back in the early 1980s but even as recent as the year 2006, the Great Lakes are still on the radar.
Just what has happened with our water? First of all urbanization has had a tremendous toll on our water sources. Businesses and corporations release tons of carcinogens and pollution in the air, only to return to the earth in the form of acid rain. Untreated sewage is dumped directly into our streams and lakes. Fertilizers, chemicals and petroleum's are added to continue to complicate the problem.

Bodies of water have become toxic, claiming the presence of Mercury, Uranium, Arsenic and other various toxins. It has been said that nearly five million people die annually due to unclean water induced sicknesses and diseases.
The price to pay for a seafood platter is now two-fold as the FDA has warned us about the presence of mercury in certain species of fish.

How has this come to be, and why has this continued without government involvement? The answer is money. Corporations and big businesses line the pockets of politicians and government officials to turn the other way when their destructive practices are brought to light. Unless Americans, Japanese, Europeans and the rest of the global community get sick and tired of being sick and their kids being sick, our water sources will continue to be a hazard for the inhabitants of earth.

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