When Science and Technology does more Harm than Good

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"When Science and Technology does more Harm than Good"
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There are several legislation on cloning. Cloning is legitimate in some countries while it is illegitimate in others. Strangely, the issue of human cloning appears to be one ethical issue on which medical experts, political and religious leaders largely agreed on even if for different reasons.
For the medical experts, it is a question of the high risks involved. It took the Roslin term 227 attempts to create Dolly. Ian wilnut the leader of the team admitted to the craziness of the idea whom he wondered if the world should "really consider as allow experiments of this kind people."
For political leaders while safety and morality may be issues on he one hand, the more serious problem for them, may be more of economic and social problems. Population explosion, it would mean fewer jobs, less food and more people. Cloning most certainly would inhabit low of natural selection.
But for religious leaders, cloning is an attempt to be like God. Some Muslims are of the opinion that if science is allowed to manipulate (genes) in contradiction with religion, it would lead to many mistakes, dangers and forbidden things.
Cloning involves very little, yet so much, first the nucleus containing the genetic materials is removed from the adult cell of the male or female and transferred along with an unfertilized egg which has been de-nucleated unto a Petri dish, gentle electrical pulses are introduced in the dish causing a fusion between the egg and nucleus. Cell division commences and an embryo develops. The embryo is transplanted into the uterus of a surrogate who carries it to term. When the body is born, it will then be genetically and physically identical to the donor of the adult cell.
Critics say, however that one of the dangers of this sort of selective reproduction procedure is that people may begin to place orders for the kind of clones they want as children. Worse still, no one knows for sure what the physiological and psychological risks are.

Scientist believes cloning would make it possible for "spare" human organs to be produced to replace diseased organs. Geniuses and great minds could be reproduced, infertile couples may now be blessed with their own children. In the areas of agriculture only the best grade sheep or cattle would be produced.

It is also discovered that genetic DNA in the nucleus also grows old by the time the person becomes an adult, the DNA would have been damaged ad reproduced several times. Cell DNA damage could also lead to cancer, exposing human to the malignant disease and severe health risk.

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