What’s your Greatest Fear

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"What's your Greatest Fear"
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Feel the fear and do it anyway

Live life to the full

Don't be scared

I grew up hearing these phrases and maybe not as a direct result but definitely part of the result was that I am scared of just about everythingthat and I don't feel like I am living my life properly, but that's another story!I usually tell people to just name it and I'm probably afraid of it. I fear heights and pain, scary films and too much blood, I fear being wrong or different and I'm afraid of fast, dark or scary rides in amusement parks, I fear confrontation and dead mice in traps (something I only discovered recently), I fear putting myself out there and I'm afraid of falling, I fear getting attention and I fear not having any. I'm afraid of long haul flights (even thought I've never been on one!) 

I first noticed it in nightclubs. I make up any excuse and I go.

I don't even know why I leave. At the time, once anything happens my brain automatically tells me to get out.

I met one of my neighbours outside my house after a night out, we got chatting. Approximately two minutes later I told him I had to go. I had no reason for having to leave. I didn't have a lecture until two o'clock the next day and I remember thinking as I opened the front door "Why did I say I had to go?" but I did it anyway. I felt the fear and I didn't do it.

People keep telling me not to be so scared, that you only live once and, my personal favourite, what's the worst that could happen? Now let me tell you when you've spent your life being afraid ofjust about everything you have the worst case scenario for every situation worked out in your head.

I want to overcome my fears. I really do. But it's a lot easier said then done. Some of them shouldn't be too hard. For example to get over my fear of dead mice all I have to do is look under the kitchen sink when I get home or my fear of heights could be cured during my trip to Paris next month. However my fear of being wrong is a little bit harder, not in how I would do it, just in getting the courage to do it. It could be done fairly simply by telling Dom from Ultimate Frisbee to get out of my way in a game when he's made a stupid cut but I don't see that happening any time soon.

I think the thing that scares me about my fears the most is the thought that they could be with me for the rest of my life. But I have a plan. I'm going to get over them. The idea that my fear of men could dictate my life is not something I intend to entertain and the same goes for my fear of falling or pain. So last Sunday I sat in Doyle's with my best friend and made a list of all my fears and I'm going to overcome them. As I said before some are going to be easier then others but my thoughts are "If I can be afraid of it, I can also get over it."

But in the end I was really glad I sent it. He told me it helped him to see that other people have issues too. Everyone has issuesFact! And everyone has fears too. Some may be the regular heights and spiders ones and some maybe more unusual like vegetables, spaghetti! But don't be embarrassed by them. Conquer them!

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