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Since Victorian times, flowers have been used to send messages between friends, family, and lovers. Some flower meanings depend upon the color. The best example of this is roses. Every color chosen has a meaning, a purpose.  Here are some common flower shades that can help deliver a message.

White as Snow

The color white is common in flowers: carnations, roses, lilies, irises, and all sorts of mums can be found in this simple neutral color. Although the meanings are similar they vary from flower to flower.

 > Shasta Daisies: this simple white flower with a yellow center is fun, friendly, and dainty. Daisies in general symbolize innocence, cheerfulness, and purity (also friendship.) They also can be found in pink and sunshine yellow.

 > White Carnations: white carnations convey a message to a woman that she is sweet and lovely. They are also given to women as a token of good luck.

 > White Lilies: this elegant flower is a symbol of purity and majesty.

 > White Roses: were often sent by suitors to tell a woman “I am worthy of you.” They also symbolize purity and virginity like other white flowers.

White flowers can be partnered with other flowers to make a statement, but can be just as stunning with a simple ribbon.

Tickled Pink

Happy memories are tied to the color pink. A common color for prom, pink flowers are girlie, flirtatious, and all-round jubilant.

 > Pink Carnations: pink carnations have been used to declare, “I will never forget you!” Just as a side note, pink carnations are often given on Mother's Day. Also all carnations are symbols of fascination with the recipient.

 > Pink Roses: depending on what you want to say, pink roses have a delicate sweetness. Dark pink roses send the message, “thank you,” while light pink roses show admiration. A smaller tea rose is a way of letting your date know you'll “remember always.” Generally speaking pink roses have several meanings including:  Gentility, Grace & Love, “Perfect Happiness,” and “You are so Lovely”

Romantic Red

Red is a color that is common yet bold. Flowers in this shade are equally bold and romantic.

>Red Carnations: red carnations are a declaration of admiration. Also of a romantic interest.

>Red Roses: the classic red rose has been a gift between lovers for years.

Sunny Yellow

As the giving of yellow flowers might suggest...a fun time is on the way. For a more formal feel, choose a darker “golden” yellow to add a richness to the evening.


No matter what choice you make, a delicate flower helps get the evening off to a good start. Remember if your date has a favorite flower, that should trump any suggestions given here. Keep arrangements simple and elegant...less is more. Be a gentleman and show the lady you know how to impress!

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