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What your Handwriting Reveals about you

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"What your Handwriting Reveals about you"
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While attempting to remain a private person, keeping your thoughts and feeling close to the chest, is it possible that you are revealing secrets about yourself through your handwriting?

Following are some common handwriting traits, and the personalities  and behaviors attributed to individuals whose handwriting contains some of these distinctions:

* Letters slant to the right

When you write, if your letters slant uniformly to the right, that is an indication of an open-minded personality. You welcome new experiences and new people into your life.

* Letters slant to the left

If your writing slants to the left, in a backward motion, that suggests you are a private person who keeps to yourself and you might potentially have a less adventuresome spirit than some others.

* Letters appear straight up and down

Writing in a straight up and down style might be an indication that you like to be in control in any given situation and generally keep your emotions in check.

* Size of letters

If the size of your letters is big and flowing, you are an outgoing personality who enjoys lots of attention. Or, big letter size might also be an indication that you are pretending to have more self-confidence than you actually feel.

Tiny letters might be a clue that you are shy or withdrawn. People who lack confidence also might tiny, hard to read handwriting.

* Closed loops

Lower case “L’s” that have a closed loop might be an indication that you are holding something back. Lower case “E’s” that display a closed loop could be interpreted as belonging to a person who does not easily give in to emotions, but maintains a rigid stance in most situations.

Open loops in these letters means you are at ease with yourself and the world, you are open to new ideas and you are not afraid to openly express your feelings and opinions.

* Rounded vs. pointed

If the letter “S” is rounded at the top, you might be afraid of confrontation or conflict. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if your letter “S’ has a pointed top, that suggests you are an inquisitive individual with lots of ambition.

* The capital “I”

When the word “I” is larger than all the other capital letters, that person might be inadvertently be displaying an arrogant attitude. People who keep the letter “I” in perspective with the rest of their writing, or even make it smaller, are individuals who could be satisfied with their life and generally happy within.

* Erratic writing

When a sentence is crowded, uneven, or stands out in some way from the rest of the writing, that might mean the person is lying, or attempting to deceive in some way. On the other hand, the individual might simply be a sloppy writer, so you would not want to become accusatory based on a writing sample.

These are just a few of the writing quirks that potentially give insight into an individual's personality traits and behaviors. If you are interested in deeper analysis of handwriting, either your own, or others, there are many on-line sites to assist you in this fascinating endeavor, and several well-written books on the subject.

One of the best on-line sites is:

Books to resource on handwriting analysis:

"Between the Lines: Understanding Yourself and Others through Handwriting Analysis," by Reed C. Hayes

"Handwriting Analysis: The Complete Basic Book," by Karen Kristen Amend and Mary Stansbury Ruiz

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