What your Daydreams say about you

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"What your Daydreams say about you"
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Do people daydream sometimes? Many do, especially when they're not terribly busy. I daydream on occasion as well. That happens when I become bored, start relaxing, or work (as long I pay attention to what I'm doing). I really don't see anything wrong with daydreaming, aside from doing it while you're on an important mission or hard at work. Actually, daydreaming can mean pondering about the future. When I daydream, I think about what's going to happen to me.

Whenever I encounter a problem, whether it's financial or emotional, I do my best to think things through. I have to admit that when I'm hard at work, I sometimes take some time out to daydream about my future. I'm not going to call that stress, because I know that stress isn't good for anyone. I do my best to plan ahead using common sense. I work very hard to be as successful I can be, and I want to stick through it.

I go to college, work part time, and help out in my home. All these things, especially the work and college, often seeps through my mind. Even when I'm in bed at night, one main reason I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes is because I worry about my future. I don't like to worry. I know that going to college will be expensive for me. The bottom line is, I need to think about ways to pay it without going into debt.

My place of work seem to always have last-minute schedules, and I often think about my working hours I put in for the following week. Right before a term, I think hard and hard about balancing my schedules between school and work. I want to leave some free time for relaxation and study. I try not to worry about what happens if I attend classes from the early morning hours right into the afternoon time frame. In the meantime, I work from the late afternoon hours into the early evening hours.

On the other hand, I like to daydream happy issues. For example, I can think about my next paycheck. Perhaps I will think about an upcoming weekend of fun. Daydreaming can also mean being creative. I can decide what I should draw for my parents' birthday cards. When I write, I do my best to mean what I have to say.

Whatever happens to me, I try to daydream about the good things, and avoid thinking about any unfortunate situations in my life at the same time. I'm not going to let any bad obstacles take advantage of me. I just hope and pray that I will struggle through them, and everything will work out fine for me.

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