What your Daydreams say about you

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"What your Daydreams say about you"
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When I was a child I would sit and daydream out the window and wonder what life was really about. I would imagine myself driving down the road in my bright red convertible. The envy of everyone on the road. I would pull up into my driveway to the house of my dreams. A castle on a hill, completely landscaped with beautiful trees and flowers of every kind. Inside the house I would drop my stuff off at the front door and smell the heavenly aroma of fresh baked bread and chocolate chip cookies in the air that my cook had prepared. My maid would be dusting in the living room with the large bay window that overlooked the pool.

Okay, back to reality. My car is junk. I pray to God everyday that it starts. The air that blows through my hair is from the open window because the air conditioner doesn't work. By the time I get home I am sweaty and smelly. I trudge up stairs into what I call my little tin house (my mobile home). There is no yard or flowers because the "small" puppy that I was given from my mom has turned into a huge monster that chews up my water hose and my trees. The smell inside that greets me is from whatever I made for dinner yesterday, along with the Glade air freshener sitting on the table by the front door. As for a pool, well, there is a community pool in the trailer park.

So, daydreams versus reality is a different story. But, even though my life isn't perfect, I am happy. My home might not be up to anyone else's standards, but its mine. Its not an apartment where I have to hear the neighbors fighting every night.
My car gets me to work, and thats the main thing. Plus it was given to me so there is no car payment.

My daydreams give me goals. They give me something to reach for and hope for. They provide a sweet past time where I can live in another world for a little while, and always hope that someday, somewhere that will be me. I will never give up on my daydreams. I don't care if someone laughs at my "pie in the sky" dreams.

My daughter came home with a note from school today. The teacher wrote, "Your child doesn't concentrate in class. She sits in class and doodles and daydreams". I replied back, "Like mother, like daughter..."

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