What your Daydreams say about you

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"What your Daydreams say about you"
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Have you been daydreaming lately? The chances are you have been, as when asked most people admit to their mind drifting at some point in the day. The reason for daydreaming can be that an individual is either tired through lack of sleep, or not fully focused on a task and suffering from boredom. As many of people do not get enough sleep and also have to perform boring tasks in their day, it is no surprise they are prone to the odd daydream.

Some daydreams are a jumble of thoughts about your day or recent encounters which are being filtered into your subconscious from a conscious level. When deeply relaxed but still awake, as in daydreaming, you can often catch a glimpse of them as they filter through.

At other times, as with dreaming at night, your daydreams, as you drift towards sleep, may be more significant. When in a deeply relaxed daydreaming state you have a narrow access to your unconscious where you are able to store information gleaned during waking hours your mind has not previously presented to your waking self.

While awake people take in a lot more information about what is going on around them than they can focus on. Their brains are clever. They filter out what they do not need to know and stick such information on the back burner, the subconscious. This is why when some people are hypnotized and so have access to their subconscious, they can remember details they were not aware they knew previously.

Your intuitions, or gut feelings as they are sometimes called, are partly based on information you’ve subconsciously stored. You may have a hunch you shouldn't trust someone for example. Possibly your brain has clocked information that a person seems shifty from an awareness of their body language. When you need to deal with them your clever brain will give you a feeling about them to prevent you from making a mistake.

So, how does this further relate to daydreams? Some daydreams may be a result of information you have not yet realized you had available to you. You see this information in the form of pictures in your mind, or feel the information as an intuition as you hear your inner voice chattering away like a running commentary of flowing thoughts. This is why daydreams are so fascinating. They allow people access to information they may otherwise not retrieve from their brain.

At other times your daydreams deal with giving you a nudge to remind you about your goals and deep seated desires in life. For example, if you daydream constantly about a beautiful stranger whisking you away to a far off castle, in reality you may want someone to take responsibility from you so you are relieved of pressure. You may also feel you are lacking romance or 'want out' of a certain situation.

Sometimes your brain presents information to you in a fashion which is not immediately recognizable or straightforward. This is because the subconscious part of the brain works on a deeper level than the practical waking brain. Your subconscious has access to primitive and creative parts of you, and interacts to present you with information in a creative fashion.

Next time you find yourself in the middle of a daydream stop and try to remember it fully. It may just tell you something about yourself you were unaware of.

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