What your Daydreams say about you

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"What your Daydreams say about you"
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There is passive and active daydreaming... and there is is an art to daydreaming.

Your daydreams may have a lot to say about where you're headed with your life... but ultimately, you are in the driver's seat.
Do you let your mind wander where it will, or do you actively steer your mind to the types of fantasies you prefer? There are darker corridors of the imagination as well as bright, delightful regions to explore. Daydreaming is an opportunity, some would say a luxury, to go to places denied us in the mundane world. Nonetheless, do we always make the most of this luxury when presented with the opportunity to indulge in it?

We may reinvent ourselves in our daydreams in such a way that carries over into actual everyday life. Take, for instance, a hopelessly gawky, geek of a girl who frequently daydreams of life as a glamorous fashion model. Though Beanpole and Olive Oil were her nick names and she was frequently taunted by the popular kids, she dreamed on! Little by little, inspired by her daydream, she walks with more poise, develops a stylish attitude and before long, someone notices her at a party and she is offered a genuine modeling career. I was that girl.

Most important is how your daydreams make you feel. What emotions are associated with your flights of fancy? Boy George is quoted as saying "... and dreams are made of emotion." I see this as applying to daydreams also. A daydream can be refreshing to the spirit and boost self esteem, or be dissipating, depending on what feelings are associated with it. We need to recognize the road-signs of the daydream... namely what emotions they infuse us with.

If you habitually mull over past misfortunes, playing out past and future episodes of tragedy on the stage of your mind, you are priming yourself for undesirable experiences on the stage of the real world.

Remember, as a daydreamer, you can cast yourself in a role that may carry over into real life. Though the scripts you encounter in everyday life, may be different from those you play out in your mind, you will tend to approach life in character with the role your mind is accustomed to playing. Is your approach to life that of hero or victim? Are your daydreams an asset or a liability? If you enjoy the roles you play in your daydreams, they are an asset that can build self confidence and thus better prepare you for what life has in store.

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