What your Daydreams say about you

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"What your Daydreams say about you"
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Individuals often get wrapped up in the routines of their daily lives and often put their long term ambitions on the back burner. Even though the conscious mind sometimes forgets these desires, our subconscious has a way of reminding us through day dreaming. Day dreaming usually occurs when one is relaxed, yet still awake. One's mind may begin to drift off to the past, future, or even some fantasy world. Psychotherapists believe that day dreaming is your subconscious simply revealing your "deepest hopes." There are various messages that can be interpreted from your daydreams that may give you a little insight to your own personality.

Dreaming about romance, this may actually indicate something a little more than your desire to find love. Some experts believe that day dreaming about romance may actually be your inner self expressing its desire for self improvement. Maybe there is something about your life you are not satisfied with such as your weight, smoking habit, or your self esteem. These dreams suggest that your happiness is dependant upon what others think of you. It may be time to take action and begin to improve yourself, so you can find peace.

Sometimes during stressful times you may day dream about problems or conflict in general. While this may simply indicate that you are worried about that specific problem, it may also be a message from your subconscious. These dreams may indicate that you are feeling a significant need to be prepared for future events. Dreaming about conflict may indicate that your personality demands structure and organization in order to feel comfortable. Take steps to remain prepared and you will keep your sanity.

If you find that while you zone out you are conjuring up images of exotic waterfalls, serene streams, sandy beaches, or any other natural setting it may seem that is simply time for a vacation. However, experts say that dreaming about nature suggests you are very driven to succeed and will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. Therefore, those that fall into this category tend to be more independent and ambitious. Be sure and make time to make friends and occasionally seek help if you need it.

Those that are alone during day dreams may not necessarily be seeking solitude. Psychotherapists believe that this may be a sign that the creative side of your personality is begging for a means to express itself. This may be through singing, dance, music, art, or even writing. Create some time to indulge in one of your favorite creative hobbies and you may find happiness that has been unknown to you.

Many people dream about winning awards or being recognized by others. Although it seems this may simply represent your desire to exceed, experts have another theory. They think that those that constantly dream about receiving awards may be under a lot of pressure from others to succeed. You may be spending too much time doing things for others. A vacation may be a great way to relieve some stress and enable you to concentrate on what makes you happy!

No matter what scientists may believe their studies indicate, I don't believe there will ever be any completely accurate method of interpreting dreams. However, by taking into consideration the types of daydreams I have discussed, you may have a little more insight into your own personality. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you how you can become happier. Understanding the messages may help you make important decisions in your life to relieve negative stress. Sometimes you may be better off ignoring what society thinks, or what your friends think and listen to yourself. The next time your inner self communicates with you through a dream will you be listening?


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