What your Daydreams say about you

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"What your Daydreams say about you"
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What Your Daydreams Say About You

"Self Talk" is a term used to define the different things that you say to yourself. Your self talk can be random, or you can select the things you tell yourself. When you give yourself self talk, you usually give yourself what are called confirmations. Confirmations are positive statements about yourself that you want to incorporate into your thinking. Visualization are the mental images in your mind. Self talk and visualization are two parts to daydreaming. Your daydreams are normally the desires you have for yourself.

If your daydreams consist of goals you want to achieve, then you can be a purpose driven person. People who daydream about how they will look, the expression on their faces, what they will say, what they will wear when they get that promotion are purpose driven, and they stand a good chance of succeeding.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be Homecoming Queen. I spent many days daydreaming about winning the title. I daydreamed about how I would look, how I would feel when my name was called, etc. I did this everyday. Of course I campaigned too, but I daydreamed and dreamed about it all the time.

Guess what. I won. I think the daydreaming had a lot to do with my winning. Over the years I have read articles about daydreaming and I have learned that people who daydream about specific goals achieve them more consistently than people who do not daydream.

If you were new at walking for exercise and you wanted to walk a certain distance, and you were walking in your neighborhood, then you could choose a marker. Say a mailbox. You could tell yourself that you want to walk beyond the mail box. That would maybe be a half mile mark. While walking you could visualize yourself walking past the mailbox. You could see yourself walking past the mailbox. You could look at your shoes and see them walking past the mailbox. If you were to do this consistently, you would reach your goal.

Daydreaming gives me a warm happy feeling inside. In my mind I am achieving something that I want to achieve. I have worked hard. I have wanted it. All that was left was the promotion, or the award. Seeing myself obtain that special something, feeling the gratification, feeling the satisfaction, all the sensations of achievement, seems to push me over the top. I tell myself I'm in my element.

Daydreaming is how I achieve. It is a part of me. My daydreams say about me that I want to win.

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