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What will Happen when we Run out of Oil

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"What will Happen when we Run out of Oil"
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Take a moment if you will and page back in the Rolodex of your mind to the cinematic experience known as 'Waterworld'. In a post-apocalyptic future, we found the world almost completely under water, a veritable waterworld, if you will. The token villains with cigarettes, guns, and archaic water sport vehicles trough the Earth atop an oil liner, filled with crude. Their mission...find land by using their "go juice".
No rules, no laws, no government. Winner take all and the winner more than likely has a bad Kevin Costner accent and webbed feet.

Welcome to a world without oil...or very little oil.

Okay, so I paint a dark picture of what our skyline shines without the haze of fossil fuels burning in the air...but who knows what is going to happen? I have a good amount of faith in the world's scientific community that alternative fuels will ready to roll by the time we have drunk our last gallon of petrol.

With fuels ranging from electricity to hydrogen to water, it will be only a matter of time until oil will go from black gold to liquid coal. I am also relatively certain that the apocalypse won't be happening any time soon due to our lack of oil. I think those who are predicting doomsday probably also bought generators and bottled water before Y2K so let us all consider the source before we begin carving spears from branches laying in our lawns.

The big problem to consider will be the Middle East since it is agriculturally retarded and oil is it's only export. Without the money coming in from oil, the Middle East serves no purpose to anyone outside of that region. However, with our independence from our crude friends, we may begin to shut down our borders more intensely and control immigration more precisely than ever before. No longer do we need to hide our morality in the closet because we needed to make a deal with a government that's national pastime includes executing it's people at half time of a soccer game.

Otherwise, a world without oil does not have to be led by mobs and sinister fellows presiding over something called the Thunderdome. A world without oil can be a place where we begin to reclaim our climate (no global warming? It was 90 last week in Pennsylvania). A world without oil allows this country to be truly independent from the world. Without oil means cleaner seas, lands and skies. Without oil, places like Iraq would be useless to invade since it would not contain the one thing we really wanted there. A world without oil could really be a world that all are welcome, appreciated, and there is no war...then again it could be total uncontrollable hell. I'm going to get a generator and some melee weapons!

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