What to do if you think your Psychiatrist is Guilty of Malpractice

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"What to do if you think your Psychiatrist is Guilty of Malpractice"
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if at all you happen to meet a psychiatrist who you think is getting closer under the pretext of medication and help ,that very moment is like a test for you,consider that situation as a part of your medication and take up the challenge to get into the nitty gritties of the matter.

of-course without a prior and proper research we cannot jump to conclusions but once you are very sure that he/she is not innocent or just being responsible you have every right to take actions against them , which will not just save other innocent lives but also it will set an example for other such professionals who under the cover of their designations try to exploit people,its a very serious act of inhumanity and a disgrace which cannot be taken for granted.

one should try and get his details and also if possible do check his academic credentials if they are actually reliable, his past records, his relations with his employees,his ex patients.

its very important to feel comfortable with the person who is your doctor,is curing you,taking care of you, knowing you from within so don't let an undeserving person get to know your life and take undue advantage of you.also bare in mind unless you are not comfortable with your doctor there is no point in getting treated by him.

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