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If you ever see a UFO, the first thing to do is not panic. Panicking can make you imagine and fill in gaps in your mind to make it look like your seeing something else when in reality it is not. If you have a camera, phone, or even a sheet of paper, try to take evidence of the UFO. If you have a phone, try to take video of it as well. Remember details such as, time of occurrence, the details of the UFO, and the location. This information will be crucial later on if trying to file a UFO sighting.

Now, not everyone in this world has or will ever see a UFO in reality. Safety will be the primary concern though. For example, if your stuck in the middle of nowhere and just see a UFO hovering over your car, get away from that situation. Don't try to approach it, most abduction stories occur when people are alone from large populated areas, so try to get to a nearby store, town, or house. Always try to obtain evidence if possible of the event.

Another concern when in the presence of a UFO is a story. Try to remember every detail of what you did before, during, and after you see a UFO. For example, say you are in the forest nearby a remote area. Out of nowhere, a strange orb of light appears from yonder in the hills not far from your stand point. The figure appears to hover and radiate light without making a sound. Writing down can be the difference between a credible story, and a loony claim from an unreliable person. Writing down can also make people take you seriously and see that you were prepared and knew how to handle the situation. In the example, the person was hiking in the forest around 7 p.m. and hiked North near a river. He would be able to jot down this information and provide notes for later on. He uses estimation to say the UFO was about 300 yards in front of him due north-east and hovering near the lake about 1,000 feet of the ground. After the encounter, he goes back down the trail, gets in his car and calls the police to file a UFO sighting.

With the information recorded, he would be able to remember more clearly what he had seen that day, and not be swayed by other information. And last but not least, the final important thing to do if you see a UFO is question every aspect of it. If you see a light while walking down the street one day in a dark neighborhood, don't assume it's a UFO. Use logical reasoning and doubt. First observe the UFO, think of possibilities such as if it's a plane, jet, car, aircraft flair, and so on. Use scientifically reasoning as well such as if it could be a special nature phenomenon if you know of any. Putting doubt in your mind will cause you to be less prone to jumping to conclusions. If after doubting, trying to find a solution, or being as logical as possible, don't perceive the object as an alien. Rather, claim it to be an unidentified flying object, because in reality, you don't really know what it was as well.

After seeing a UFO, you will need to be able to tell the story as good as possible. For the sake of being credible, don't exaggerate the details, even if the story might be dull and boring. Exaggeration can cause disbelief in your story and lose credibility. Don't make it seem as a small ordeal as well, if you see a UFO and just talk about it to someone as normal chit-chat, they might think your lying. A good way to present a true, believable story is by how you say it. Present all the truth, along with strong concrete details. Details that will be hard to disprove and provide truth to the story. Always try to be honest as well and lay off the lying. Because if you have a record of being a strong fibber, no one will take you seriously for a long time.

So these are the steps to take when seeing a UFO. Remember the place, time, and jot down details of the UFO. Try to doubt the event so you don't overreact and be swayed to believe you are seeing a UFO. Try to either disprove or find a rational solution to the occurrence. Be safe and if alone, find a nearby populated area. And last but not least, tell the story with strong supporting details and in a believable manner. Seeing a UFO can be a life changing experience so always be able to accept the facts of life. The fact that life, lives among the stars as well.

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