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What to do if you Find Dinosaur Bones

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"What to do if you Find Dinosaur Bones"
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Dinosaurs roamed the earth long before the arrival of human's on this planet; however, their remains continue to be uncovered, typically in the most unexpected areas, to date. If you are fortunate enough to discover dinosaur bones, there are several measures you must take in order to ensure the safety and survival of these delicate remainders of our Earth's past.

1. Resist the urge to keep digging, prodding, or even touching the fossils. Very few people have had adequate training in handling fossils such as dinosaur bones. The discovery of one bone can often lead to the discovery of many more and you definitely do not want to be responsible for disturbing a possible excavation site, or damaging other fossils in the surrounding area.

2. Mark the spot or take pictures so that you are able to remember the exact location later. You'll want to be sure that you know exactly where you found the bones when you speak to authorities.

3. Contact the authorities who will make sure that professionals in your area are reached to further examine the remains. Paleontologists will take control of the site, sectioning off areas and numbering them. This is organized and methodical work and should not be attempted by amateurs seeking payment for their personal discoveries.

Although finding dinosaur bones is a rare, an undoubtedly exciting experience, fortunate individuals who do stumble upon fossils should be responsible enough to take the appropriate measures to ensure that the bones are handed over to individuals who have the knowledge and resources required to fully examine and analyze the bones for the benefit of all humanity.

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