What to do if a Comet was about to Hit the Earth

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"What to do if a Comet was about to Hit the Earth"
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What would you do if a comet hit the Earth? I'm sure that the answer is different for everyone, although I think most of us would be doing the same types of things. Thankfully a comet won't be hitting the Earth anytime soon, but I think that we all have heard the stories, or watched the movies where one was going to. How would you prepare for the potential end of the world? Would you try to save the world, would you run and hide, or would you just admit the end was here and enjoy the time you had left on Earth?

I believe that a comet will eventually hit the Earth again someday. In fact I don't really think it is so much a belief as it is a fact. The Earth is moving through a shooting gallery of space debris, and one day one of these pieces will be gunning for Earth. A comet most likely destroyed the dinosaurs, and probably had something to do with other extinction events on Earth too. It would seem silly to think that mankind won't one day be effected by a comet, or some other piece of space junk crashing into Earth.

If a comet were to hit the Earth, I don't think I would be too scared. There is nothing I can do about it, and there isn't much anyone could do about it if we were to find out that a comet was to hit the Earth tomorrow. We could try to run into caves, or run into some sort of underground shelter, but how much good is that going to do? Even if you survive the initial blast, you have so much more to recover from. The future effects on the world would be devastating.

Prayer would probably be in order if life on Earth were about to perish, but that sounds sort of ironic. If humans died out, would we all go to meet our maker, or would it just prove that our maker doesn't exist? I don't think God would allow a comet to wipe us all out, at least not without providing for some way of survival for some of us, and hopefully not until we have the technology to deflect the comet away.

Society would probably break down at that point, and I don't think too many people will be going to work, school, or paying any bills. Society would just break down into everybody for themselves, and while I don't think there would be mass rioting, I don't think the end would be good. There would be a lot of panic, and people just running around like crazy. I would just hope that the end came during a nice summer day, so I could just chill on the beach, or outside for one last time.

If a comet were to hit the Earth, there isn't anything we can do. We can't run from it, we can't destroy it, and we can't really control what happens if we survived the impact. So what would I do if the Earth were to be hit by a comet? Most likely I would do nothing, and just live the rest of my life as I normally would, because why worry about what I can't control. I would just hope for the best, make sure I had lived a good life, and pray that there is a God to take me in when I die.

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