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What the Difference between a Swamp and a Bog is

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"What the Difference between a Swamp and a Bog is"
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Both swamps and bogs are types of wetlands, but they are each different as each has their own characteristics. In fact, there are four different types of wetlands; they are swamps, bogs, marshes and fens. In Louisiana, you will find there are many swamps, and these swamps are low wetland that form by collecting water from rivers. They are usually located in a very shallow and flat area. A swamp is really muddy and has trees that survive for many years, like cypress trees. The cypress trees grow on dry spots in the swamp which look similar to little islands. River floodplains and river basins that do not drain very well are usually where you will find swamps. Swamps have very little drainage and a wide variety of wildlife and birds makes their homes there.

Bogs are higher than a swamp, and a bog contains stagnant water. Stagnant water is the result of the bog having no drainage at all. The water in a bog is collected by rain. A bog is formed when moss fills a lake or a pond or when the moss grows over the land and does not allow the water to drain. The water in a bog is acidic, and plants and trees die and decay. The only wildlife and plants that survive in a bog are the ones that adapt to the environment. These plants must adapt to water-logged conditions and very low nutrients.

The sundew is one of the few plants that survive in a bog. Swamps have their beauty here in Louisiana. Many people come from near and far to tour them. You can find beautiful birds there. One bird that you may spot in a swamp in Louisiana is the brown pelican. The brown pelican also makes its home along the coasts and loves to eat fish. This is the official Louisiana state bird. It will dive from the sky to get fish. You will sometimes see it following fishing boats.

Touring the swamp can be fun but dangerous as well. At night there are no lights, and you would not want to get lost in the swamp. Many people like to see the cypress trees in the swamps that are hundreds of years old. Swamps in Louisiana are a part of the history here. In Louisiana, there are guided swamp tours so you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of nature.

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