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"What should i do if i see a UFO"
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Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs can be anything from unidentified military craft to flying pie tins or an alien craft with blinking lights and a whirling, rocket powered engine.  According to a recent Fox News Poll 35 percent of Americans say that they believe in UFOs or aliens.  And according to another poll taken by Ohio University 1 in 12 Americans claim to have seen a mysterious object in the sky and 1 in 5 Americans know someone who has seen a UFO.

So what should you do if you ever see an alien craft?   I guess that depends on what type of person you are.  Are you an adventure seeker?  Are you looking for a claim to fame?  Or would curiosity simply get the best of you?   If you are in fact any of the above there are a few things that you can do to document your encounter in order to help UFOologists unearth the mysteries of aliens.

Remain Calm and Use Your Memory-

I’ve never had an alien encounter myself but I can imagine that it is pretty hard to remain calm when the big mother ship has landed right in front of you.  Most people would probably forget their own name at that point but it is in fact important to remain calm so as to have the ability to remember the finest details of the encounter, if that is your goal.  If however, you are a coward like me, then you might just want run.  Although I have to admit that I, myself, wouldn’t run because I’d have already passed out from fear before I even tried to run. 

If you bravely choose to stick around and witness the landing try to remember as much as you can and if you don’t have a notebook handy at the scene write down everything you remember as soon as you are able.   Small details may not seem important or they may even seem superficial but to a UFOolgist it might mean something. 

Zoom In-

If you are braver than just being able to stand still and decide that you can physically move, an aide to your memory may be your camera.  If you find yourself walking in the woods taking pictures of wildflowers and you come upon an alien gathering put your camera to good use and by all means, if you have a quiet zoom, zoom in as far as you can in order to get that weird looking mole on the leader’s forehead.  If you don’t have a camera, you may just have your cell phone with you and although it won’t zoom in as far as your camera, most cell phones with photographic capabilities have some type of zoom.  Take as many photos as you can and you will be the next overnight sensation.  But be careful because you might soon find yourself visited by MIBS (men in black). 

Phone Home-

If you ate your Wheaties earlier that morning and you are feeling like you can accomplish anything your cell phone may not only be used as a camera but a lifesaving device in a situation like this.  If you are an adventure seeker and your first thought isn’t to call 911, you may want to call someone at home to make them aware of the situation and give them the play by play so that they can write down what is happening.  And it may be hard to remember in your almost certain, excitable state but please remember to whisper.  And it may also be a good idea to document the time.  That way when you return home five days later you will in fact believe your family when they tell you that you were a victim of alien abduction.

The Bravest of All Will Hitchhike-

If you are really an adventure seeker and don’t have a high paying job or a spouse or a family that will miss you by all means introduce yourself and ask for a ride.  You will almost certainly get the ride of a lifetime and you will have the opportunity to experience something that most people never will.  You may make new friends or even learn a new language.    Whatever your ride is like you will definitely have an experience that is out of this world. . .

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