What Role does the Superego Play in a Personality the Super Ego

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"What Role does the Superego Play in a Personality the Super Ego"
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The superego is the bridge between the "id" and "ego". The role it plays in the personality is rationality and logic.

The personality is complex. It is made of three sections. The sections are the id, ego and super ego. Of all the parts of the personality, the super ego is most important. The best way to describe the super ego would be the " pure conscious". It is the side of a person that desires to do the right thing no matter what. You could also call it " character" because that is the definition of it. It is a fact that the super-ego is driven by honesty and good intentions.

The super-ego's goal is to be without blemish. It consists of the organized part of the personality. It is mainly unconscious, but not completely. This involves the person's spiritual milestones, ego ideals, and the conscience that judges and limits his or her desires, dreams, and emotions.

There is a constant conflict between the id and super ego. The best way to view them is the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. This is often depicted in sitcoms and movies. A person will have a serious decision to make about work, relationships and etc. All of a sudden, the person will get a visit from the id and super ego in the forms of a devil and angel. The angel is reminding him how guilty he will feel if he does the wrong thing and the id is saying just do it. The id has a care free attitude that fails to take into consideration how other people feel. The super ego is all about doing what is best for the conscience.

The super ego manages our sense of right and wrong. It helps us go through life in a respectable fashion. Without the super ego, people would do what makes them feel good only. An individual wouldn't seek to be kind to others. The entire world would run on self desire and greed. An individual might go to work only for themselves and never think about the company they are a part of. Imagine a world like that.

According to Freud's theory, the super ego emulates a father figure. This is someone who enforces rules and guidelines. It sets boundaries and limits on what a person will do. For example, a person may not get the promotion at work and be upset, yet never act on his anger. He may have bad thoughts, but never act on them because of his super ego.

The super ego is what keeps the peace and order in life. It helps us control our animal instincts and behaviors by inflicting guilt and empathy upon our souls.

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