What Role does the I’d Play in the Personality

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"What Role does the I'd Play in the Personality"
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The "id" is the selfish part of us. When it comes to the personality, this is the role the "id"plays. It caters to our deepest desires.

It is often depicted as the devil on one's shoulder tempting a person to do something they should not. The id is perceived as a force with an insatiable appetite for more and more. It fails to see the consequences of its actions, just the immediate comfort.

The personality consists of three distinct attributes. These attributes are the id, ego and superego. Each attribute serves a purpose. The id is there for pleasure and self gratification. The superego is about doing what's right. In fact, the superego and id are completely opposite from one another. The ego is somewhere in the middle of the id and superego where it wants to pacify the id but do it without hurting the superego. You can say the ego plays both sides in a sense..

The id is made up of the disorganized section of the personality base that has original motives. The id plays the role of pleasure and goes after instant gratification. It has a self seeking nature that is somewhat egocentric. This is the "it's all about me and what I want " aspect.. Getting in the way of what the id wants is not the best position to be in because the id will do everything its power to get what it wants. It does not care about who it hurts in the process. As long as it obtains the pleasure, it is content.

The greatest example utilized when talking about the id is an infant. This is because an infant is known to be completely controlled by the id. In connection with the infant, the analogy of the child crossing the street to get the lollipop is brought up. The child does not see anything else but the candy. She proceeds to run across the street not looking both ways to see if any cars are coming. As a result, she gets hit by one and never makes it to the lollipop across the street. A baby wants pleasure and that's The baby does not think about the ramifications or anything. It wants what it wants now. A baby will cry incessantly until it gets what it wants.

The id is accountable for our basic desires such as sustenance, water and intercourse. It is selfish and self seeking, controlled by pleasure. It is absent of rationality, time or logic. In spiritual terms it would be referred to as the "fleshy" part of us. This is the part of us that often gets us into trouble. It is best to keep the id at bay and focus on what is right and productive.


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