What it means to dream about teeth falling out

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"What it means to dream about teeth falling out"
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Have you ever had a dream where your teeth have all of a sudden fallen out? Those dreams are the worst, and sometimes the first thing you do when you wake up is dash to the mirror to make sure that you have all your teeth, or maybe if the dream is vivid enough, you go to the mirror to make sure that your teeth haven't gotten any worse. However, a dream is simply your thoughts sorting themselves out at night, so don't worry about your teeth being gone. What does that kind of dream mean though?

There are some varying opinions out there about the meaning of a dream where your teeth fall out. Some think that there is a spiritual tie to your teeth falling out, and it represents the misplacement of your faith in the hands of man, as opposed to God. According to, the meaning of your teeth falling out can be spiritual, it can relate to health, or it can even be a sign that your business might be failing.

In culture, the appearance of your teeth is a very important thing, and therefore the ramifications of not having teeth could reveal a lot of things. Think about it, if your teeth fell out in public, what would you think? You would probably be embarrassed, and running to get to the dentist. What else would be going through your mind if you found out that there were no teeth left in your mouth, or you were losing your teeth, and there was nothing you could do?

Your appearance relates to so many things in your life. Whether it be the ability to get a girl, or the ability to look like a professional in business, your teeth are very important. We live in a world where appearances mean a lot, and therefore not having teeth puts you at a disadvantage in your waking life. Therefore, when you dream about losing your teeth, you are visualizing your own fears in a way. Your mind is symbolically exposing a fear, or giving you a sign of what might be coming up.

The good thing about a tooth dream is that it is just a dream. Unless you go for weeks without brushing your teeth, there isn't much chance that your teeth are all going to fall out at once. It isn't a sign that your teeth are bad, and that you need to get to the dentist right away. The tooth dream represents many aspects of our life that we might be insecure about. It shows us what we are scared of, and maybe that we need some more confidence in our daily life.

Teeth are important for many things that we need to get done in life. Whether it be eating, smiling, finding a girl, or closing a business deal, they serve an important purpose. They can enhance our looks, or keep us from revealing who we truly our. That is the hidden meaning behind the teeth falling out dream.

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