What it Means to Dream about Teeth Falling out

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"What it Means to Dream about Teeth Falling out"
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Having a dream where losing a body part including losing teeth is fairly common.  Often times, the thought of being toothless can leave us horrified which later turns to questioning why would I dream of my teeth falling out?  The answer might not be simple since those who try to interpret dreams often disagree on the reasoning of a particular topic.   However, the loss of something which can include our teeth is generally perceived as a connection with two things – appearance and disconnect.

Our teeth are generally associated with our appearances.  Should our pearly whites fall out, our overall impression of our appearance declines.  Dreaming of losing teeth can be connected with our own personal insecurities about how others view how we look not just on the outside but the inside as well.  If our gums are exposed, the world might see the truth of something you are hiding emotionally or even physically.

Losing your teeth in a dream can also be linked with the loss of something very close to you.  Perhaps a relationship has gone sour or even a personal object that meant a lot to you has disappeared.  These can all be related to this type of dream.

To truly understand why this type of dream may have occurred to you, take pen in hand and write down specifics of your dream.  When you lost your teeth, how did you feel?  Were you shocked, humiliated, or saddened by the event?  Were you alone or in a crowd of people?  Did you ask someone for help or did you simply hide your mouth so that no one could see your missing teeth?  Also make note of who was in your dream.

It has been suggested by some dream interpreters that the loss of teeth can mean the loss of power.  Our teeth are a tool we use to eat and bite things.  The loss of our teeth might suggest that we’ve lost a powerful tool that we use each day. 

The last suggestion often made about losing teeth in a dream is the fear of growing older and losing our independence.  Maybe you are fearful of having to depend on others for your care.  A person, who has spent most of their life caring for themselves, often has these deep fears of not being able to do the things they once had when they were younger. 

The only person that can truly know why they would dream of losing teeth would be the person having the dream.  Keep a dream journal and each time you dream, take as many notes about the dream that you can remember.  Often times, these dreams may not appear to have anything in common but they are connected to an event that has happened or is happening in your life.  The answer may not come to you right away, but eventually the pieces of the puzzle begin to all fit neatly together.  Once you uncover the source of your dreams then you can rest easier knowing that your teeth aren’t really going to fall out – at least not like in your dreams.

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