What it Means to Dream about Teeth Falling out

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"What it Means to Dream about Teeth Falling out"
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There are a number of ways people can interpret dreams, in general.  It can often depend on who you read or listen to when it comes to dream interpretation.  Symbols in dreams are just that - abstract symbols meant to represent something internal.  Most people who interpret dreams on a regualr basis do agree on one thing - dreams are almost always about the dreamer.  Even if you dream about another person in your life, the abstraction is some element of that person you see in yourself.  Most dream interpreters would say, and I would concur, that any dream is some internal message from the subconscious you to the conscious one.  When you understand dream symbolism, you can better understand what your subconscious self is trying to tell you.

Body parts are common things about which to have dreams.  For instance, if you dream about the head, you're dreaming of the intellectual side of yourself.  Dreaming of a face can have more than one interpretation.  If the face is unkonwn, it may be a side of yourself you've yet to discover that you're trying to untap.  If the face is covered, or somehow opaque, it can be representative of a teacher or instructor.  Working our way closer, what about the mouth?  A dream about the mouth is possibly health related, as the mouth is where we take in nourishment.  And all of this leads to the teeth - what does that mean?

Dreams of teeth are largely believed to mean you have some sort of problem, or mystery going on in your life.  The teeth represent attempting to grind the problem or mystery into something that is more easily digested.  Dreams of teeth are attempts at understanding a problem going on in your life right now.  Something you are trying to sink your teeth into.

Conversely, if you dream of your teeth falling out, there is some problem, mystery, misunderstanding in your life that you are unable to understand.  Perhaps there is an obstacle to your understanding disabling you from sinking your teeth into the problem.  Dreaming of teeth falling out may be interpreted as your needing further understanding of a particular problem in your life, right now.  Or, it may mean you need further guidance or instruction.  One thing is for certain - dreaming of teeth falling out is not a dream about your teeth.

As a whole, one must always remember that dreams are mere abstractions-not to be taken literally.  They are subconscious messages from our inner selves to our everyday selves.  Bearing that in mind, the teeth are a representation of a problem or a mystery.  If we dream of teeth falling out (a fairly common dream concept), we are having trouble dealing with, or even understanding, a problem.

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