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Seeing a spider, or anything else crawling up your wall in the middle of the night is not something that we like to see. They look nasty, and they have all those legs too. While a spider is pretty much all leg, it might make it look a lot bigger than it is, and you don't want to see them crawling around at night for most people. However, what happens when you see a spider in your dreams? What is the meaning of seeing a spider in your dream?

It is said that a spider represents creativity. According to, it is said that the webs that a spider weaves in a dream are a representation of our creativity. If you see a spider in your dream, it is thought to mean that you are going places, and that your creativity is going to be one of the things that helps you make it right to the top.

Spiders in your dream could also mean that you are having issues with your mother. In a dream about spiders, it is said that the spider represents a feminine instinct, or possibly also a fight about something that has to deal with a female in your life. Whether it be your wife, or your mother, you are feeling repressed about something, or having issues with a female in your life.

Being caught in a spider web can mean that you are feeling trapped in a relationship. Just like a spider web is sticky, and hard to get out of, a relationship can also be thought of as sticky. Have you ever been trapped in a relationship, or just felt stuck with nowhere to go. I know that I have felt that way at times, and that is what a dream about spiders is going to be trying to call out to you.

If you have ever had a dream about a spider, I know that it can feel like a weird dream. Whether you dream that you are watching a spider, or trying to fend off a bunch of spiders, it is usually a good thing when you wake up from a dream like that. Have no fear though, because having a dream about spiders is something that you can use as a tool to figuring out what might be wrong in your life. Sometimes it might even be a good omen.

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