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Emotional Freedom Tapping Therapy (EFT) is an emotional acupressure technique.  It combines the benefits of acupressure with rhythmic tapping.The studies claim this process lulls the brain into a relaxed state which allows the body to heal itself.

All major reports seem to be positive.  There is no system to purchase or program to join. One uses their own  hands and treats themselves.  There is nothing to lose, show why not see if this stress reducer works.

Locate the area directly below the collarbone, and in the indent of the breast bone.  Use the index finger and the middle finger and tap the spot firmly thirty times.  To use this approach with a connection between the left and right brain repeat aloud " I feel completely relaxed" while tapping.

This particular area is believed to be connected directly to the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is the emotional control center of the brain.

Emotional eaters have reported some great results using this specific area.  The theory is that this area releases tension and stress that is trapped in the body.

Need more energy? EFT gives the following suggestion.  On the back of the hand find the indentation of the bones between the ring finger and the middle finger.  Using the pointer finger and the middle finger of the other hand tap thirty times.  Do this on each hand.  The physical connection is that of the endocrine system.

The suggested  mantra to be repeated is "I feel energized and alert."

The area of the face that is directly related to the stomach is the bony ridge right below the eye socket.  This is where the tapping would take place.

The suggested mantra is "I am calm and content".

Tapping the inside of the pinkie finger along the nail on the ring finger side is suppose to release anger.  In Chinese medicine this is the area that marks the beginning of the heart meridian.  It makes an excellent point to begin to release frustration and anger.

These are just a few examples of the ways that EFT suggest methods may be helpful.

Some tradition psychotherapists are incorporating the method as part of their whole therapy.

Professionals suggest that tapping can be helpful with the following issues.
*anxiety and panic attacks
*stress and distress
*fear of public speaking
*trauma, abuse, and post traumatic syndrome
*grief and bereavement
*weight loss
*eating disorders

The reports are very favorable.  Seventy-six percent of those who participated over a thirty day period reported positive results.


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