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Suppression or thought suppression is the procedure of intentionally attempting to cease meditating about specific concepts. It is related to (OCD) obsessive-compulsive disorder, in which a person will continuously try to stop disturbing thoughts centered around one or more obsessions, with intense psychological or physical actions. It is also linked to work on memory inhibition.

Over 30 studies demonstrated to date have found evidence for thought suppression and its usefulness. It can create enigmatic effects for personally invalid and valid thoughts to both a behavioral and intellectual level. This is beneficial is being able to see how this affects a person's thought process. Thought suppression is basically non productive with activities causing an increase in the restricted thought, which is intensified when the mental weight is enhanced.

Many people suppress certain thoughts to stop negative images. This is attributed to how powerful thoughts are and how they shape a person's mental view of life. If a person can thwart the thought in the first place, they feel a sense of control. In a sense, it is powerful to stop a bad concept from developing, however it is not easy to do. One would need to apply serious mental focus in order to make this happen. With every action, there is a reaction and when it comes to thought suppression, strain and stress take place.

Even if a person feels a sense of power when they attempt or actually stop a thought from forming, it is more draining than ever. In some cases, an individual will have problems sleeping and concentrating because they are more preoccupied with the thoughts in their mind. Since thoughts keep coming, it is impossible to stop them permanently. In some ways, a person will live like a prisoner in their own mind until they learn to let go. Life is not meant to be kept on a leash. It wants to run free.

Thoughts are there for a main purpose. That purpose is to help us know ourselves better. Some are good and some are bad, but in the end they help to shape and mold us into the people we are. They make each and every one of us unique. A person should seek professional help so they can get the necessary tools to deal with this problem. It also helps for a person to face their thoughts head on instead of running from them. It is a good opportunity to explore and learn more about the deepest desires and dreams.

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