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This drug is legal to own in almost all countries, including the United States. The law differs from state to state, but it is generally a drug that law enforcement officials have so-far looked over. Salvia Divinorum can be bought at head shops and through the Internet at various potency's. The chemical that brings about the high is known as "Salvinorin-A." Salvia is often simply referred to as Salvia, however, it is not to be confused with the other genus's of this plant. There are many plants titled 'salvia' that are sold in greenhouses around the world, but Salvia Divinorum is the only one that has been found to have any sort of hallucinogenic properties.

Salvia is a plant that produces its own, unique high. It is hard to compare to other drugs for this reason. Generally, the user will experience some or all of these effects: uncontrollable laughter, visuals, loss of coordination, "becoming" an inanimate object, sense of peace, multiple realities, sense of flying, floating, drifting, being underwater, in a tunnel, in an energy field, confusion, panic, time travel, and/or warped time perception. Although some people say that Salvia is a legal substitute for cannabis, Salvia and weed are very different from each other in the effects that the user will feel.

Usually, salvia is smoked in a joint or a bong. When fresh leaves are available, the leaves can be soaked and made into tea or rolled into "joints" and held in the mouth and chewed. When smoked, the user will almost immediately feel the effects. It peaks in less than 5 minutes and the total effects can last about half an hour but usually last about 20 minutes or less. Those who use Salvia orally usually find that the trip lasts about 2-4 hours.

Many online stores now offer Salvia in these forms: leaves, extracts at: 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 30x, and sometimes 40x. (5x=5 times as potent as the leaves) A few stores have been found to offer salvia in tinctures, but this is less common than the extracts.

When using Salvia, it is extremely important to have a sitter, someone who can watch over you and care for you. It should be someone you trust and who knows what to do in emergency situations. Some reports have noted that Salvia can cause the user to temporarily black out and do things they wouldn't normally do. The sitter should know about the effects of Salvia and/or be experienced in the use of Salvia themselves. The sitter should also make sure that there are no dangerous objects in the room during the trip. Also, because of the delicate effects of Salvia, the room should be prepared with the blinds closed and lights turned off. In addition, soft music may help with the trip, but it should not have vocals.

Just remember to be careful using any drugs. You never know how your body and mind might react. It is always best to start at a low dosage when using any drug for the first time and then slowly increase the dosage each time it is used to ensure that you are prepared for the effects. In addition, some sources note that the first few times trying Salvia, the user may not feel anything until they can "break through." Be safe.

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