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Salvia Divinorum is a naturally growing psychotropic herb from various locations in South America. It is cultivated mainly for sale as a legal alternative to marijuana and can be bought in alternative lifestyle, marijuana paraphernalia shops or online. It is legal in most countries and has seemingly slipped under the radar of most drug policies, mainly due to the fact that it is non addictive and isn't thought to be dangerous. There are sometimes limited controls placed on the sale and cultivation of the drug, but generally it is legal to own, grow and is also very

It is often marketed as having been used in tribal cultures for hundreds of years, which may or may not be true. As of course it could just be a marketing ploy from the people who sell it. The packaging often stating that it is used in various tribal rituals and for help in bringing about visions for users. In the right concentrations and smoked in the right way it has been said by some people to be on a par with acid or LSD. Although when commonly bought the concentrations aren't usually as high as that. The strength of the salvia is usually expressed as a multiplication signifying how much stronger the measurement is than pure leaves. So for example if you see 10x on the packet, then this means that the extract you are buying is ten times as string as pure leaves.

It is smoked similarly to marijuana to often in a pipe or bong, although generally a bong is preferred because of the harsh taste and heat of the smoke. Smoking with a conventional tobacco pipe will usually only leave you with a sore throat. Most of the mind-altering chemicals found in Salvia are only released at very high temperatures. So using a blowtorch butane lighter is often the best way to ensure that you get the full effect. As with a normal lighter you might not notice much of an effect at all.

When the effects are being felt fully however the user can often experience altered perceptions and vivid hallucinations. The user will often also see things differently and may have a sense of time stopping altogether or slowing down. Because of this it is best not to use it with large groups of people. Due to the fact that might harm yourself or each other, and that large groups will be further disorientating when you are hallucinating. Although it is also best to let someone know you are doing it, just in case you do need any help or try to leave the house or anything.

There have been a number of other uses that Salvia Divinorum has been suggested for as well. Many people already credit works of art or music to salvia, and the increased sense of awareness that it creates. It has also been recommended for use as a treatment or drug addicts by a number of respected doctors, and has even been used as an antidepressant by some people. The one thing that is clear about salvia however is that it should be treated with respect. It is not a party drug along the lines of Cocaine, Ecstasy, alcohol etc. Rather it is something that should be done at home, and not around too many other people loud music.

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