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Repression or psychological repression is the mental action of omitting wants and desires from one's perception and griping or restraining them in the insentient. Repression is a type of coping mechanism used by most people.

We all utilize this coping mechanism from time to time. This is because life often brings unseen obstacles and events. It is our minds way of preserving our sanity. In the case of traumatic events, they are known to be the most repressed, however it seems that the trauma more often enhances memories attributed to augmented emotional or physical feelings. These sensations may also enable inconsistencies, through human recollection is generally laced by levels of views and fragmentation. One dilemma from a general study is that a memory must be calculated and recounted by an individuals actions or aware expression, which may be sifted through present beliefs and inspirations.

People repress painful events in their life to preserve the future. In some cases, a person will set aside something that happened to them over 20 years ago. However, unresolved issues have a way of surfacing. A flood of emotions could overtake a person if something is not done about it. For example, a couple could be married for several years when the husband begins displaying strange behavior. This conduct could be coming from issues never dealt. Some people become depressed, angry and resentful.

Another type of repression is complex neurotic behavior involving the superego and repression. It takes place when repression develops and or continues to grow, due to the feelings of fear within, in ways heading to conduct that is irrational, self-destructive, or isolating.

A person could become irrational when they begin making decisions that make little sense. Their thoughts become fragmented. If one thought does not connect to the next, there is a problem.

Self destructive behavior could be excessive drinking, smoking, and sexual activity. These could all lead to serious consequences. For instance, someone could be drinking so much that they become inebriated. If they decide to drive, they could risk getting into an accident harming themselves and someone else. This could lead serious jail time and their life would never be the same.

The feels become so much to bear that the person begins to isolate themselves from family and friends. This is what painful emotions can cause.

It is best for a person to seek medical attention if the problem continues to get worse. Seeing a therapist or psychologist is sometimes best to remedy and receive the proper medication if needed.

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