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BY the strong interaction is apparently meant what is otherwise called the "Strong Nuclear Force" which is used to explain the holding together of protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei. However, if one takes a different view of the situation, and says that it is most likely that nature is more consistent than that, the binding of nuclei is actually similar in form to the bonding in molecules, i.e., due to the motion of electrons in and about less mobile centers, then, the Strong Force becomes an unnecessary artifact.

As to the origin of mass, there is a very simple possible explanation of mass when one takes the view that all of reality may actually be existence within some sort of a "substance" made up of tiny units. In this view, mass is nothing more than the balance between the motion (energy) content within a surface which defines the bit of matter under consideration and the rest of the substance not confined within the surface. If this view is valid the entire search for the Higgs Boson is an exercise in futility. This is not to say that there may not be a possibility of finding something like what Professor Hhiggs described; however, there is no reason to think that it would be other than another of the many alternate states of matter which have been dubbed fundamental particles is the last half century or so.

One may also note that, while the lawsuit filed in Hawaii to stop the collider from going into action is considered by many to be frivulous, the collider may not be as safe as it is claimed to be. IF a person has traninig in electronics they will realize that there are probably within the Collider cavities and perfect circles which are a "set up" to go into resonance.

There is at lest one not too well known theory that postulates, among other things. that the Black Hole in the center of galaxies actually is an oscillator which is in the exact center and came into coordination, more or less by accident with units spinning in a circle. If the same thing were to happen with the Hadron Collider, the results could be interesting indeed.
This writer does not forsee a black hole arising that would eat the solar system; however, he does see a finite possibility of a resonance arising which could cooridnate with resonances of the Earth. A possible, albeit most likely improbable, and, I hope, impossible, result could be a new asteroud belt between Venus and Mars....

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