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Evolution In Common Terms

Evolution is the survival and betterment of an organism, individually and/or collectively either by intellect or genetics, and both are adaptations brought about by events of fight or flight.

Intellectual evolution has been occuring at a great pace, despite the oppressive Dark Ages and the current dumbing down. The current dumbing down is a covert social and political attempt to quelle individuality and recess the rise of genius from the lower classes, as it is believed that genius is not given to conformity. The smarter the person, the more difficult it is to control them. When you see incredibly smart people, homeless, drug addicted and showing other signs of self sabotage, it is because they've been programmed for it.

Incestuous families and those of the base common sense make "better" citizens because they are more inclined to heed the voice of control. Or authority. Teachers and others in the community, including a child's family will silence that child and it always leads to psychological problems. Still others are just plain ignorant.

For every negative there is a positive and there is an anectodal resistance to this de evolutionary force, which is at it's worst industrialized criminal behavior and at it's best, hillbilly philosophy applied.

The danger inherent in a false identity- natural selection is that one can end up with rank animalists at the top of the economic chain.

In order to survive and thrive, an organism will consume more, or less, change colors, push itself beyond endurance and run with a similar pack, leaving the old one behind. Some organisms are such good actors that they go undetected as the mimicking apes they really are.

Art and music have suffered as a result. As have truth and justice.

But this is just the beginning.

Through out history there have been lulling and oppressive forces which leant to de evolutionary and psychologically destabilizing events. Some point to feminism as a break down of family, when in fact, feminism was meant to save women and children from predators, as well as give women firmer footing within society. Thus evolutionary effects.

The fact is there is such a thing as evolution and it is evident upon analyzing historical strata. However, there is a large portion of the human family which is de evolving. Much of that portion of the human family kept dependent upon the state. Social work is not and never was about compassion. It is about controlling and desensitizing lower class people and helping them to adjust to their humble status. If they are too intelligent, there are methods employed and medication is rendered. Medication which basically eats the brain.

Women who buck the system and attempt to protect their children are seen as "threatening" and quickly hewn down using various methods. Lower class minorities come in handy for the total control, as they'll do just about anything to keep their special status and federal monies coming.

The fact is, Ronald Reagan was not brilliant, there was no trickle down and he did not end the cold war. But most Americans were not smart enough to realize what was happening and his insane social policies are still screwing the American public.

During intellectually oppressive times, like the Dark Ages, there will be signs of cryptic goings on. Like Latin Bibles in an English speaking country and outrageous taxes.

Ecology of the natural world as well as it's evolution isn't the only realm complicated. Human evolution is also. The enlightened know and understand this.

The body cannot survive without the brain, and unevolved minds will eventually lead to unevolved bodies. Expect really short morons, slavery and other forms of oppression. Make no mistake about it, amoral does not always equal anarchy.

Sometimes, the cycle of life dishes out some real justice and natural selection just might save one's ass.

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