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Many people have heard of someone who has an ego. Some people go as far to criticize a person with too much of one. " Your head is too big". This phrase is often used to describe someone with a large ego. The truth is that all people have an "ego", but what exactly it is and what role does it play in the personality?

The Ego contains that prearranged portion of the personality configuration which involves perceptual, defense, mental cognitive and superior operations. Awareness lives in the ego, although not all of the functions of the ego are aware. The ego divides what is tangible. It assists us to establish our concepts and create significance of them and the world surrounding us.

According ro Freud's philosophy, the ego think among the super-ego, the id and the outside world. Its duties are to find equilibrium between original drives and realization while pacifying the id and the super-ego. Its core disquiets with the person's security and permits some of the id's wants to be demonstrated, but only when ramifications of these behaviors are borderline. The defense mechanisms of the ego are often utilized by the ego when id conduct gets in the way of authenticity and either society's values, norms, and restrictions or the person's anticipations as a result of the concealment of these ethics, standards, and limits.

The term "ego" is drevied from Latin. The Latin word ego is utlilized in English to convert Freud's German word Das ich, which basically means '" the I". Certain parts of the ego are about self satisfaction. This is where the term "egocentric" comes from.

The ego is the intermediary between the super-ego and the id, attempting to ensure that the necessities of both the id and super-ego are met. It is said to work on a reality basis, meaning it works with the id and super-ego permitting them to convey their wants, desires, and values, in pragmatic and socially acceptable ways. It is mentioned that the ego denotes apprehension and thought., cultivating with age.

When the ego is characterized, it has no freedom. The id, super-ego and outside world are in control. It has to its best to pacify all three. Because of this, it is always feeling weighed down by the chance of causing upset on two other sides. The ego has a large job, but somehow finds a way to balance it all. It does not allow itself to work too hard. This way it can maintain some congruence as well. This is best for the person.

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