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"What is an Artifact in Archaeology"
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"A Trip Back in Time"
Based on Article: "Exploring the past"
from, January 15, 2005

There is a wondrous place in North Port, Florida. This place holds a wealth of knowledge about the people who once settled there and the lives that they lived. The Warm Mineral Springs and Little Salt Springs here in North Port, Florida, is this place. Arrowheads, sharks teeth, claws from animals of long ago and pottery have been discovered in both areas. Why are these finds so important? Because they connect the people of today with the people of yesterday. They tell us who we were and how far we have come. Maybe these finds help us to appreciate the technology that we depend upon in everyday life.

The springs are located about 5 miles from each other and are linked together by some amazing finds from the archeologists who visit. They tell of the people who lived around these parts and visited these water basins often. These springs have been a mystery to the many of the archeologists who visit them regularly and who are piecing the puzzle together little by little.

On January the 15th the local paper did an article about one such archeologist who came to visit the springs in search of answers. Her name is Kim Eslinger. Kim is an underwater archeologist with a passion for new and exciting finds.

After cleaning out a cannon recovered from Blackbeards pirate ship, Kim had an epiphany. A cannon ball rolled into her hand; "I thought, I'm the first person to touch this cannonball". (Overbay par2) From then on she has been searching for answers to the unknown.

Kim is touring the Warm Mineral and Salt Springs two areas rich in archeological significance for her various projects. "Much of the underwater archeological work being done here in Florida is in cave and springs." (Overbay per4) Just like these springs in North Port. Warm Mineral Springs goes down countless numbers of feet and is filled with a maze of cave and unclaimed artifacts. "Springs are where you see people living for an extended period of time. . that's where they would go to worship there gods. . the finds run the gamut from prehistoric ceramics to artifacts." (Overbay par5) This is why this site is so interesting. It is one of the oldest living springs in Florida with the most potential for artifacts and answers.

I personally find this area and these stories so amazing because I live in North Port and drive by these springs everyday. To know how life was so many years ago in this same are where I drive and live is amazing and what we now call "artifacts" they once called "new".
"They say history is written by the winners, but archeology lets you talk to people who couldn't tell their story, who are every bit as real as if talking to them 150 years ago." (Overbey par 14)

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