What is a Pathological Liar

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"What is a Pathological Liar"
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What is a pathological liar?

*Most do not remember what they've told you:

A pathological liar is a person of many stories and often they cannot even remember the lie they'll tell you from one day to the next. Many have a tendency to totally exaggerate their lack of empathy, achievements, and they often exploit others. Many times they lie trying to control and to get their own way. They often appear to live in their own reality and they do not value the truth at any time. When someone challenges them, they'll become defensive and mad. Many lie for the sympathy of others and don't admit their lies. They'll often contradict what they've said or they'll not remember the lie they've told when they are questioned.

*It's hard to cope with a pathological liar:

I don't know about you but it's hard for me to cope with a pathological liar because I have trouble trying to distinguish their truths from their lies. It's wise though not to confront them about their lies because they may get angry, defensive, or may take other drastic actions. Many a pathological liar lies so much, they start to believe their lies. You might suggest they seek professional help because you find they're lying to you on a constant basis.

Once a pathological liar has told a lie, you may hear two or even three versions of what actually happened. The best thing for a person to do in this case is to say, "Well, which version is the truth today," "You told me another version yesterday and I'm totally confused, could you please elaborate so I can understand?" If you find it's impossible to be a friend with the liar, dismiss him and ignore and end your relationship.

These liars are people who do their lying out of habit, and most times, they'll bend the truth about everything they tell. It's very hard for them to tell the truth about anything, and if you'll take notice, when they're telling the truth they're acting uncomfortable and edgy. It feels good when they're lying.


A good synopsis of a pathological liar is they're a deceiver, a chronic liar, they lie to get out of doing things or if they desire to join in to something, they'll lie to get into it, they're great con-artists, they'll cheat on you, try to have total control over you, they'll lie about what they did or where they went, in other words everything they do must be questioned.       

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