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XXI century began with powerful nature forces for our civilization. Unusualy rainfalls, enervating droughts, winds and cunamies waste human race. From powerful forces broke even part of USA economics. Is it normal nature phenomenons or unrenewable changes, which happens in our atmosphere?


Wind causer is our daylight Sun. The biggest air movement is in our bottom atmosphere part. It caused by Sun energy. Warm weather expands, becomes easier and rising above. It makes pressure capacity. At the same time, thicker, colder weather stream gravitating in a wind form downward. This circulation is called a wind.


The biggest influence makes mountains, deserts and oceans. A hurricane appears, when water in the ocean surface warms up to 27 Celsius degrees. And this warmth is 70cm depth. Warm and damp weather raises up, so pressure by the water surface decreases. The centre of a hurricane is called an "eye". The eye gets another weather from the outside. A hurricane becomes a powerful whirlpool because of Earth movement. Raising water steam begins condensation and warmth evaporates much more water. That's how hurricane begins to feed itself.

This cyclone can be 200-800km diameter and 14-18km height. 20km diameter "eye" (centre of hurricane) is very calm and cloudless. You can see even sun from there. But cloudy edges wind speed can speed up to 300km/h. More than 1 million water tons of water, which is in the ocean bottom can be lifted up to the clouds only through the one day!

Because a hurricanes like warmth, it can appear in almost all South latitude areas. In the Northern hemisphere it's: Antilles isles, Caribbean sea, Bengal channel, Arabian sea, Philippines isles and South China sea in the Pacific ocean. In the South hemisphere it's: Hebrides, Samoa isle in the Pacific ocan, also areas near Madagascar.


From XIX century beginning, decreased peoples economical activity, so atmosphere content began changing. People burned wood, coal, oil, so our atmosphere got a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Cold lands began melting. So now we have global warming, which was noticed in XX century. Average weather temperature next to terrene increased 0,6 degrees. Now we can notice it especially clearly. Ten years passed and people fixed global warming records. So in the next future we will have more hurricanes because of global warming till they seek Northern regions. Finally, we can't be calm for our future anymore.

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