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A community is a group of people that forms a distinct segment of the society. Along with the family, communities are one of the basic societal environments that can shape and influence a person's beliefs, goals, ambitions, ideals, knowledge and deeper understanding of things.

Communities preserve the social cohesion and values of the group. It plays the role of a glue that sticks individuals together. It's more like the common denominator that connects different people with various races, languages, cultures and experiences. Communities also serve an integral part in the development of individuals, whether children or adults. It's been said over and over again that, "No man is an island", but the importance of the quote isn't always manifested. Yes, no man is an island. All of us, whether rich or poor, young or old, male or female, need the support and encouragement of others.

In this day and age where liberal ideas and independence have entered the inner precepts of humanity, the value of personal touch has started to diminish. People have started to develop a more competitive mindset; thus, morals and values have deteriorated through the years, resulting from individuals being isolated. Hence, here lies the value of communities. Communities foster the opposite of competition which is no less than cooperation. The community enhances goodwill.

The community helps in nurturing the physical, mental and emotional growth of an individual. Communities also provide certain medical services for their not-so-fortunate members. Similarly, the essence of communities is enshrined with the overall concept of humanity and self-less love. Moreover, members of the community help each other in their endeavors. For many, communities provide much needed help, especially in these hard economic times.

A community just might mean a simple tap on the back, a plain "good morning," a sincere "that's alright," or a simple "you can do it." In a community, each member has a role and if played perfectly, will result into the success of helping not just one's self, but as well as others. Each member is a gem, a diamond in the rough and a resource to the group. Each has talents and skills that can be shared with the group. Thus, members can help their fellow members.

Helping others within a community is a way of empowering ourselves. In addition, helping others will result in others helping us, which is the very application of the golden rule.

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